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STARRSHIP Fitted Silver Face Mask Face Masks Hot Merch

    STARRSHIP Fitted Silver Face Mask


    STARRSHIP is a peace-keeping, exploration, rescue and climate monitoring spacecraft, its conceptual mission to Mars created by Terry Jervis and powered by Rolls-Royce. Be part of the solution in this science adventure! 

    Join the STARRSHIP Ranks and look the part with the official silver logo fitted mask for protection, safety and confidence. 

    This comfortable and durable face mask is a comfortable mix of 100% woven cotton outer layer, a filtering non-woven polyester mid layer, and a 100% soft woven cotton inner layer.

    This reusable, 3-ply fabric mask is breathable and shaped to fit snugly on the face and under chin, and features an adjustable 'nose wire' to help prevent glasses from fogging. 

    It's secured with adjustable elasticated ear loops that are already installed. 

    Machine washable, and features an internal pocket for filters (available here)