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Spirit of the Pharaoh Graphic Novel - Neferkari Special Edition Books Hot Merch

    Spirit of the Pharaoh Graphic Novel - Neferkari Special Edition


    Alternative cover ‘Special Limited Edition’ - full colour illustrations and additional ‘making of…’ pages on the comic book/graphic novel, TV and film production process for the forthcoming movie. An action adventure story where technology battles ancient magic for control of every human soul on Earth. Over 350 pages, colour plates of characters and artefacts (jewellery from the movie). Story by Terry Jervis and Stan Berkowitz. Written by Simon Furman. Published by Jervis Entertainment Media Limited and Titan Books

    Key features…

    • Over 350 pages of full colour story

    • Collector art covers - 4 chapters combined into one book

    • Photographs of jewellery pieces made for the movie and background on how they were made

    • Script to screen section on the making of the graphic novel storyboard and the movie production process

    • Unique way of entering the movie business and getting jobs or being cast for the production (by purchasing and registering your chosen field)

    Note: Graphic novel interior contents are the same for both books with alternative covers (subject to availability)